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The ocean variables included in the atlas are: temperature, salinity, oxygen (dissolved oxygen, apparent oxygen utilization, and percent oxygen saturation), dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, and silicate), chlorophyll at standard depth levels, and plankton biomass sampled from 0 - 200 meters.

The data used to generate these statistics are available on CD-ROM as the World Ocean Database 2001 (WOD01).

An online version of World Ocean Database 2005, World Ocean Atlas 2005 and World Ocean Atlas 2005 Figures are also available. Within each instrument directory, the data are stored by year.

Data are stored in ASCII format, and gzip compressed.

Schlitzer, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.

To order the CD-ROM set, click the online store link below.

These data were compiled using World Ocean Database 2001 (see below).

The following statistics for each grid square are included: 1) number of observations, 2) mean, 3) standard deviation, 4)standard error of the mean.

An online version of the World Ocean Atlas is also available at:

World Ocean Atlas 2005 Figures(3 discs) World Ocean Atlas 2005 Figures (WOA05F) contains a collection of "JPEG" and high resolution "PDF" images of objectively analyzed fields and statistics generated from the World Ocean Atlas 2005.

The summary below lists the CD-ROM and DVD data products currently available from the NCEI.

Most NCEI CD-ROMs and DVDs can be ordered online from the NOAA National Data Centers' Online Store.

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The World Ocean Database 2005 (WOD05) DVD is an update to WOD01 and contains data, documentation, programs, and utilities for this product.

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