Ghosting online dating problems

Ghosting online dating problems

Instead we get voicemails with no replies, or a string of outgoing texts with no response, or Facebook chats that have been read but not answered.We are robbed of an opportunity to understand what went wrong, and so we must come up with our own reasons.More often than not, our self-esteem takes a hit as a result of being ghosted.We feel like we did something bad, are inadequate, or should have seen it coming. We’re human, and as humans we tend to avoid difficult things. It’s much easier to simply ignore someone’s texts than to tell them you’re not interested.that asked ghosters to explain why they had engaged in their behaviors. First, ghosters don’t want to disappoint or feel bad about themselves.Telling someone you aren’t interested means that you have to deal with the potential consequences.Finally, ghosting robs us of an opportunity for any type of closure.

Perhaps we tell ourselves it will be easier for both parties (the ghoster and the ghostee) to not have the tough conversation, or maybe we convince ourselves that turning someone down directly would do more harm than good.

It’s a way of avoiding tough conversations with other people, and a way of excusing yourself from a potential relationship without things getting messy.

that found 47% of male identified respondents and 53% of female identified respondents had been ghosted at least once.

When you’re communicating through a screen, it’s easy to forget that behind the profile pictures, brief bios, and chat bubbles there is a real human being.

Apps remind us that there is always But, you might be asking, how could someone who has been ghosted, and gone through the emotional distress associated with it, turn around and ghost someone else?

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If we’ve been ghosted multiple times, it’s even worse for our self-esteem. It’s easier not to pick up your phone than to tell someone that you want to cancel a date because you don’t feel a connection.

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