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But if you neglect it and fill it with toxic waste, you’ll end up with foul-smelling slime that will poison anything it touches.Most of us eating a Western, high white carb, high sugar, beige food diet are in the latter camp.I ate till I could eat no more, chewing every mouthful 20 times as Jeannette advises, and got up feeling full, but not bloated.

If you are a grazer, or a fridge dater, then your gut bacteria never get the chance to their job properly.

And many of our modern ills, from obesity and mood disorders, to acne and bloating, are because we don’t know how to garden our guts properly.

Jeannette advised me to cut down on caffeine in the week before the retreat, so despite the dawn flight to Menorca from Gatwick, I didn’t slip into Caffè Nero for a quick flat white.

Jeannette looked a bit pale when I said the doctor had given me some medicine, but was hugely relieved to find it was paracetamol, not antibiotics.

Antibiotics are the napalm of the gut world — laying waste to the good bacteria as well as the bad, as anybody who has had diarrhoea or thrush after taking a course of them will know.

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