Java image icon not updating

Java image icon not updating

I believe I successfully installed Java 29 I am not sure though. I did a sample test of those icon images, the "Forum Icon Legend" and they are all supplied by So, if some are displaying but others are not, then the problem is with and not with your browser. Or is this happening whatever web site you visit, even if it is not a CNET web site or CNET related web site? Just thought the cookie info might help the op here.I also followed your instructions on clearing the cache. Even when I went to download Java there were red x's and I had to move the curser around until the little hand showed where the start to download button was. Just down below where I am writing this on this same page is what is called a "Forum Icon Legend" in the first column there is a red x and the word Unread, then below that a red x and Read then below that a picture icon of a lock and the words Locked Thread. If it is only happening with CNET then the problem is with that image supplier. The links of that 3 images, respectively: shows that your browser isn't able, for some reason, to display png files and is able to show gif files. Easy to check, of course, by having a look at the other links.Looking in the other directions, we will also be referring occasionally to the , which is part of the Java Advanced Imaging API (JAI).If you need even more advanced capabilities such as image tiling, loading scaled versions of images over the network, and deferred execution of image data processing for working with really large images, you’ll want to look at JAI.

You can access it from the link you were provided but try this one instead as it will CHECK the version for you: link takes you to download and installation instructions: still need to CLEAR your browser's cache and probably need to adjust the cache settings for IE 8. Click the Delete button (after deletion that window closes)4.

One of the challenges in building software for networked applications is that data is not always instantly available.

Since some of Java’s roots are in Internet applications such as web browsers, its image handling APIs were designed specifically to accommodate the fact that images might take some time to load over a slow network, providing for detailed information about image-loading progress.

If it is happening with every web site then that would not seem to be the case. I remember having had the same issue a long time (at least 6 years, probably more) ago on another PC with another OS (might have been Windows 98) and another version of IE (5 or 6). You will be better off, anyway; it is an excellent browser.

I don't even remember if I solved it and how I solved it.[url You may wish to run it in privacy mode (Incognito), which you will get to by pressing Control Shift N, as opposed to P on IE.

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I ran into this issue and on windows XP with IE8 and had the same exact problem.

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