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1953, sg, --s/o Robert & Shirley Fenner, Robert Frank Sr.

, sg, --Korea, Pfc US Army, (m), see obit Fenner, Ruth A.

, Block 07, --burial date, see record book Fenner, Edward G.

, Block 03, -- see obit Fenner, Henriette (William A.), b. , Block 03, --Mother, nee Mittelstaedt, see obit Fenner, Herman J.

, Block 25 Feist, Le Roy Carl"Lee" (Jackie Page), b. , Block 11, --(m), s/o Carl & Eleanor Bethke Feist, see obit Felgenheuer, Albert (Paulena Gerlach), b. , Block 21, --see obit Felgenheuer, Paulena Gerlach (Albert), b. , Block 21, --see obit Felt Family Stone, Block 01, --Broken, half buried stone Felt, Amos (Lucinda L.), d.

, Block 04, --On stone with Rose Davis, d/o Amos, see obit Fenner Pillar, Block 03, --fenner/mitelsteadt/bohn Fenner, Bertha Zunker (Herman J.), b.

, Block 03, --age 57yr Fischer, Infant, Block 04, --Next to Karl A.

& Bessie, Block 05 Falk, Bessie (William), Block 05, --Nee Pixley Falk, Minnie Belter (Edward), b. , Block 03, --Father Ferguson Family Stone, Block 06, --John, Ann, William J. , Block 04, --age 79yr old, broken stone Ferguson, Elizabeth, d. , Block 02, --WW II, (m), see obit Ferrie, June Collins (Gordon T.), b. , Block 02, --(m), d/o Fred & Alvina Collins, see obit Ferrie, Margaret (William), b. , Block 02, --Wife, see obit Ferrie, Phyllis Irene Parsons (Bruce E.), b. , Block 58, --(m), d/o Phillip and Katherine Parsons, see obit Ferrie, William (Margaret), b. , Block 02, --Husband, see obit Fidlin, Anna Wisdon (William H.), d. , Block 05, --from Anna Fidlin's obit, s/o Anna & William Fidlin, see obit Fields, Anna Weber (Ernest), b. Fink, Block 06, --5 very old stones, Mother, Carl, Edward, Father, unreadable Fink, Albert J., b. Limerick Ireland, 62 yr old, inscri Ferguson, Donald (Martha), d. , Block 05, --burial date, 21yrs old, s/o M/M William Fidlin Fidlin, William H., d. Fink, Block 06, --2 newer stones: Araranda, Henry Fink Family Stone--E. , Block 12, --burial date, Loomis Plot Flood, Anna L. , Block 21, --s/o John & Anna Downer Flood, 4mo old Flood, Evelyn M.

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, Block 20, --Mother, see obit Farnsworth, Jeane, b. , Block 20, --burial date, transfered to Blk 20 from Blk 7, d/o Walter & Gladys Farnsworth Farnsworth, Walter H.

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