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As we get to the outskirts we see the reservoir of the grand aqueduct of Tijuca. There are eighteen towns of note in the provinces, viz. Suffice it to say that' the traveller can take steamer at Monte- video and ascend .

Montevideo, capital of the Eepublic of Uruguay, as seen from the bay, looks to advantage, the towers of the Matriz Church, and the Custom House and Caridad Hospital being conspicuous. The minarets, church towers, and cupolas give a light and fantastic appear- ance to the city, which, seated some 80 feet above the western shore of La Plata, extends about 2 miles along the water's edge. There are thirteen regular lines of steamers from Europe to Buenos Ayres : Eoyal Mail 6 steamers. Besides the foregoing are the Liverpool Pacific liners to Montevideo, which bring us thousands of passengers. 5,178,515 „ 1,040,000 Navy 298,437 „ 60,000 Indian subsidies 223,556 „ 45,000 Legations abroad 158,149 „ 33,000 Federal Court .. If we leave the roadstead of Buenos A3rre8 on a fine morning, nothing can be more charming than the panorama of the city and suburbs. Province OF Buenos Aybes 101 Riverine Partidos 113 , Northern Partidos 116 North and West Frontiers 118 Western Partidos 122 South-Westeru Districts .. All the navies in the world might ride at anchor in this bay, which is 100 miles round. There are 6000 miles of telegraph through the provinces. 128 Southern Districts 132 South Coast 135 The Far South 139 CHAPTEE VIII. At every instant, as the steamer ad- vances into the bay, the scene changes like a kaleidoscope, the mountains seem to move one behind the other, and to change entirely in shape, till we get in full view of the city, with the Organ Mountains in the back-ground, and the middle distance occupied by sundry islands bristling with batteries. The peak of Santa Cruz is on the right, overlooking a fort of a hundred guns. There are also five lines in active course of construction, making up 636 miles ; without counting many already con- ceded, to a length of nearly 3000 miles, but not yet commenced. Cornell University Library The original of tliis book is in the Cornell University Library. MULHALL, PROPRIETORS AND EDITORS OP THE BUENOS ATBES ' STANDARD.' LONDON: EDWARD STANFORD, 6, 7, & 8, CHARING CROSS. If any of your, trunks have been detained at the Eesguardo or sent to the Custom House, lose no time to employ Mr. There is a new church, also a tolerable Basque inn, and two public schools.' During the Paraguayan war this was the chief port for ship- ment of horses. There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. Mc Lean,, or some other broker, to clear them fdr you. Baradero : this is another small port, compjising 105 houses, a church, and school-house. • ■ 65 „ 35 A statistical table compiled from auctioneers' books, pscribanos' regis- ters, and banking houses in the city, shows that the amount of property purchased by foreign settlers and of money remitted in small drafts to their friends at home in 1873 reached the enormous figure of 2,600,000/.

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There is an excellent coffee-house opposite the Post Office. Bahia boasts the largest oranges and the fattest black women in South America.

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