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As they brace through the perils of revenge and conflict, together will they find their happily ever after? The Dark Curse has been re-enacted and Emma and Regina are the only ones who remember what has happened.

Old enemies and new alliances threaten Storybrooke and only True Love can restore what has been lost.

And frankly, Emma I am just so tired of being in love with you…"Based loosely off the concept from What Happens In Vegas.

Always competing, Emma and Regina find themselves getting just a bit carried away one night.

Single-girl anxieties cause Emma Swan to ask her ask college professor Regina Mills to be her date for the weekend.

Her plan, attempting to fool everyone in Storybrooke that have been dating for a while, proves to be her undoing.

This is a different take on how Emma and Regina met and came to Storybrooke.

Regina has joined forces with the besotted Captain Hook to return Emma and Henry's memories, stop a Snow Queen and a Wicked Witch and hopefully, maybe, save the world.

A mysterious woman from Regina's past, political intrigue, scheming enemies, new friends and the promise of true love bring an entirely new dynamic to Storybrooke. It's not immediate, however, and she's stuck in Hell until Emma can get through to her in more ways than one. Henry, age 23, decides to give the crowd what they want, what they really want. So he tells them the only one he knows: the greatest love story of all time, and it just so happens, that this love story is his mothers'. WARNING: VERY ANGSTY MAY OR MAY NOT CONTAIN A CHARACTER DEATHPractical Magic AU.luke bilykaislinn paullaislinndegrassi cast*lukebilyk*aislinnpaul*laislinn*actorgifs*mygifsp:luke bilykp:aislinn paul I'm laislinn trashlife ruinerscast:degrassigtkmmfrlf I am gonna miss them so muchcan they please star in something as a couple?I'm a long time reader of fanfiction but have only recently published anything in any fandom.With Cora and Hook on the loose, a band of royals struggling for power and an Ex-Evil Queen in the mix, will Emma be able to save the day this time? During Thanksgiving dinner, Snow and Charming have an announcement that causes Emma to revert back into her 18 year old self - literally. Love in the Swan family is a little difficult, thanks to their ancestor Maria's curse, and none know it better than Emma Swan.Angry and heartbroken, Emma seeks comfort and refuge with the person who least expects the teen at her door: Regina. A/U: Emma starts work at the local hardware store and finds out the woman who caught her eye is her new boss. All Emma wants is a quiet life and to finally be free from heartbreak, but loving a Swan woman is a dangerous thing, and unfortunately for Emma there's a little boy and a beautiful woman in her life who seem determined to do just that. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at."But why should I be made to settle, when I know that we are not meant to be?

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