Modern fascism liquidating the judeo christian worldview hottest trends in online dating

Modern fascism liquidating the judeo christian worldview

“Beware lest any man [educator, politician, rock star, news anchorman/woman] take you captive through vain and deceitful philosophy [naturalism, materialism, existentialism, pragmatism], after the tradition of men [Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Wellhausen, Freud, Dewey, Foucault], after the rudiments of the world [socialism, evolution, higher criticism, humanism, moral relativism, deconstructionism, collectivism], and not after Christ.” — Colossians 2:8 The 20th century is the praxis of this verse.

Western Civilization in general and the United States in particular have embarked on a hazardous journey of rejecting and replacing Christ with any number of mortal men and their ideas.

And that the Nazis were quick to adopt the Soviet methods. These include dictatorship, a new Social Darwinist structure of state and society, a racial revolution, and a state-regulated national socialism.

“Darwin’s concepts of struggle for existence,” says Wilder-Smith, “dominated Hitler’s whole thinking and, by guiding selection in this struggle, Hitler intended to help nature a little.” It is certainly no secret that Darwin’s theory of evolution is still taught throughout our nation’s colleges and universities.

And indeed it has, but a plague of Power, not germs.” And this figure does not include the slaughter of the innocent (abortion) — a foundation stone of the Secular Humanist worldview. The ideas that moved across and out of the 19th century were fleshed out in the 20th century and the results are obvious for all to see — death, destruction, devastation, heartache, misery — all words and nuances that portray a century ripe for a judgement grade.

These millions died, not because of James Orr’s Christian worldview. As we begin the 21st century we have yet to admit a deep, dark secret — the ideas that brought us a century of terror and slaughter are still being taught in our public institutions of higher education.

At approximately the same time that James Orr penned his work four other individuals (three men and a woman) were about to emerge on the world’s stage and before they finished speaking, writing and living out their worldviews millions of human beings paid with their lives.

And as we enter the 21st century millions more will perish because of these same worldviews and their ideas. It is a history of incredible advances in many areas (inventions, computer chips, medical science, technologies, transportation, communications, expansion of the Christian Gospel), living standards, free states), but devolution in other areas (dictatorships, poverty, illegal drugs, pornography, homosexuality, venereal diseases, AIDS, lawlessness, immorality, teenage pregnancy, abortions).

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Barth, of course, later joined forces with the anti-Nazi movement and was part of the Barmen Declaration.

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