Protecting your identity online dating

Protecting your identity online dating

Faced with the unmitigated horrors of factory farms and the environmental destruction of flying meat halfway around the world, plenty of us choose to source our food ethically.

And while that’s great for the planet, it also turns us into objectively awful people.

In a study published earlier this year, researchers at the University of California, San Diego tested the effects of lying on children.

They had an adult tell a little white lie, then monitored how the children themselves lied about sneaking a peek at a toy they weren’t supposed to see.

In 2009, researchers from the University of Toronto set up two online stores.

Last year, a study in revealed that people who engage in online activism for a charity are less likely to give than those who don’t.

Participants were assigned to one store, and either given money to spend, or simply told to browse.

Afterward, all the subjects were given cash and told to divide it up between themselves and an anonymous person. Those who’d spent money in the “green” store completely ripped off their anonymous partners.

As much as it might be fun to cavort around like Gordon Gecko or dream of being a Punisher-style badass, most of us want nothing more than to be decent, ordinary citizens.

After all, that’s where true happiness lies, right? Despite our parents telling us to always “play nice” and “do the right thing,” experience shows that being publicly minded is usually a one-way ticket to Miseryville.

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In other words, signing the petition had made them noticeably stingier.

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