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Robin winters social chat uk

A high percentage of these will cause an irretrievable loss of stored data.

Which means that if your pictures of baby’s first steps, or your once-in-a- lifetime holiday, exist only on your PC and youve no back-up, you’re on course for heartbreak.

These can then either be presented as a fast-transition slideshow or, better still, joined together in a video-editing application to make a time-lapse movie. Hire a Model Bring out your inner Rankin by hiring a professional model and studio for some portrait, fashion or glamour photography.

You’ll be amazed at the quality of the results you’ll find yourself achieving with some proper studio lights, a plain background and a trained model who knows how to pose.

Digital photography has made it easier than ever to experiment with representations of ourselves.

Try to shoot a picture of yourself that’s artistic, funny, mysterious or even just plain flattering like this self portrait above by Juicy Carolina. Archive your pictures onto CD/DVD According to recent statistics, around 22% of PCs break down every year and 15% suffer a core component failure in the first three years.

Tagging involves adding keywords to your pictures, such as ‘kids’, ‘badgers’, ‘Cornwall’ etc. With ratings you give each shot a number of stars out of five.

It’s a one-click operation and you don’t have to rate every shot‚ just say, your five, four and three-star shots.

There doesn’t need to be a time limit on this project, indeed it could be the start of a life’s work, but its value in years to come could be enormous. Create a Photo With Shallow Depth of Field As an exercise try to create a photo with really shallow depth of field.There are always lots of photography exhibitions on at any given time, and most towns host them.If you’re in or around London you’re spoiled for choice. Shoot a still Life With your Ornaments, Glasses etc… Ornaments and glasses make ideal subjects, whether you go for the bright colours and shiny surfaces or warm rustic tones of wood and paper ornaments.To get a good cobweb shot you’ll need to be able to get close and fill the frame, so a lens with a macro option will be most useful.Try to position yourself so that the light is hitting the front of the cobweb and the background is dark (you may need to move around to achieve this).

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In the right light, the boost it gives to colour saturation has to be seen to be appreciated. Add Tags and Ratings If trying to find specific picture in your archive is like trying to find a needle in a haystack then you need a more organised approach.

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