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This is the dialect spoken in the Islands of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in Colombia's Caribbean region.It is marked by a mixture of Caribbean Spanish with some features of English. This phonetic characteristic is not exclusive to Colombians whose ancestry is traced back to the Spanish period before the British invasion, under British territorial rule, and the recovery of Spanish control; it is also used by Raizals, by whites of British descent, and by descendants of mainland Colombians.People commonly greet one another with the phrase "¿Q'hubo vé, bien o qué? Thong sandals are referred to as chanclas, and plastic bags (bolsas elsewhere) are called chuspas.As in other areas, a chocha here is another crude word for "vagina". A pachanguero is someone who dances/parties all night long.Victor Gaviria's movie Rodrigo D: No Future, or Andrés López Forero's monologue La pelota de letras ("The Lettered Ball"), as well as many other cultural expressions, including telenovelas, magazines, news coverage, jokes, etc..Some slang terms, with their literal translations and meanings, include: Paisa Spanish is a "voseante" dialect, meaning it often uses vos rather than tú for the familiar singular "you" pronoun.The dialect of native Spanish speakers in the area is closer to the Nicaraguan dialect of the Caribbean coast, reflecting the geographical location of the archipelago, off the coast of Nicaragua.

It is also an area of strong "ustedeo", that is, the use of the pronoun usted (considered formal in most other dialects) in informal speech (as tú and vos are used in other dialects).This dialect is said to show strong influence of indigenous languages.It is noted for its slow tempo and unique intonation.It is also an area of strong "ustedeo", that is, the use of the pronoun usted.The Cundiboyacense dialect is spoken mainly in the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá (Cundiboyacense High Plateau).

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they do not practice yeísmo), and in some areas the double-R phoneme is realized as a voiced apical sibilant.

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