Slutbetyg gymnasium online dating

Slutbetyg gymnasium online dating

ACT (Australian Capital Territory): Senior School Certificate (since 2015) ACT: Year 12 Certificate (prior to 2015) NSW (New South Wales): Higher School Certificate Northern Territory: Northern Territory Certificate of Education Queensland: Queensland Senior Certificate South Australia: South Australian Certificate of Education Tasmania: Tasmanian Certificate of Education Victoria: Victorian Certificate of Education Western Australia: Western Australian Certificate of Education VOCATIONAL: Certificate of Competency / Certificate of Proficiency I through IV OR Statement of Vocational Education and Training (VET) issued by a TAFE Diploma awarded by a Polytechnic: 3 years beyond Secondary School Certificate/Diploma awarded: Secondary School Certificate: 10 years Higher Secondary Certificate: 12 years Polytechnic Diploma: 13 years Provincial or territorial Ministry of Education (MOE) secondary school record and diploma.

Internal school transcripts may be submitted until the MOE record is available.

Inmungye Kodung Hakkyo/High School Certificate and school transcript for middle school and high school – grades 9-12.

University entrance requires the Scholastic Achievement Examination for College Entrance (SAECE).

Secondary School Completion documents from selected countries.

All documents issued in any language other than English must be sent in the original language and also in an official English translation.

The MOE transcript must indicate that the provincial/territorial diploma was earned.

Provincial or territorial Ministry of Education (MOE) secondary school record and diploma.

Diploma upon completion of academic upper secondary school: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife (Certificate of General University Maturity), aka das Abitur Diplomas upon completion of vocational/technical upper secondary school: Abschlusszeugnis der Berufschule (Certificate of Completion of Vocational School); Zeugnis der Fachhochschule (Certificate of Maturity for Universities of Applied Sciences) Diploma upon completion of Gymnasio: Apolytirio Eniaiou Lykeiou (Upper Secondary Certificate) Diploma upon completion of Technical/Vocational School: Technika Epangelmatika Ekpedeftiria (TEE) Level 3 Certificate Old system: HKCEE (11 years of primary and secondary education) HKALE (13 years of primary and secondary education) New system: 12 years of primary and secondary education. Old system: HKCEE (11 years of primary and secondary education) & HKALE (13 years of primary and secondary education) results sent directly from testing authority. Examinations given after 10th and 12th years of schooling are administered by the state boards of education or by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Full completion of the entire 13 year secondary education program is required or comparable UK credential of at least 3 A Level exams.

Lower Secondary School: Diploma: Certificado de Educación Secundaria Diploma/Certificate: *(See note below.) General Baccalaureate Certificate, if awarded (Certificado de Bachillerato General), Technical Baccalaureate (Bachillerato Tecnológico), or Professional Technical Education (Educación Técnica). * Upon graduation from academic preparatory schools, upper secondary students do not always receive a separate document (e.g., a diploma or degree certificate) indicating conferral of the title of bachiller; instead students’ transcripts will indicate that they have finished the study of the “bachillerato” or the “preparatoria.” This is true of students who complete BOTH academic university-preparatory programs AND those who complete (bivalent) technical programs that incorporate university preparatory studies.

Public autonomous universities, the SEP, and states oversee upper secondary schools.

Official academic transcript (certificado de estudios) for grades 9-12 and Certificado de Educación Secundaria or Certificado de Bachillerato / Bachillerato Tecnológico (if awarded) sent directly from the school attended. (Mahendra Sanskrit Univ.): after grade 12 Diploma/Certificate: Training Level Certificate (after grade 8) Craftsman Certificate (after grade 12) Technical School Leaving Certificate (after grade 12)Prior to 2004: Primary School: 6 years Intermediate School: 2 years Secondary School: 5 years Current: National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA): Level 1 (year 11 or Form 5) Level 2 (year 12 or Form 6) Level 3 (year 13 or Form 7)Certificate: School Certificate (after year 11/Form 5) Sixth Form Certificate (after year 12/Form 6) Higher School Certificate (after year 13/Form 7): gave admission to University entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships Examination Vocational/Specialized: Three-stage Technicians Certificate equivalent to Forms 5, 6, 7 Senior School Certificate issued by the National Examinations Council (NECO) or West African Senior School Certificate issued by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), together with a scratch card used to verify examination results.

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Primary School: 5 years Academic Track: Lower Secondary School: 3 years Upper Secondary School: 2 years Higher Secondary School: 2 years Vocational/Technical Track: Basic Technical School: 3 years Middle Level Technical School: 4 years Higher Technical School: 2 years after grade 10Diploma/Certificate: School Leaving Certificate (after grade 10) Higher Secondary Certificate (after grade 12) Proficiency Cert. Certificate of Examination (SSC & HSSC) issued by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and the corresponding Mark sheet/result card sent directly from the Board and verified by the Controller of Examinations.

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