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I am covered in tattoos, and by far the worse place for me was my feet.The wrists were an absolute doddle - even my customers have commented that it's not as bad as they thought when I've tattooed their wrists.So me and other half are getting a tat tomorrow on our wrist (inner) am a lol scared to be honest because the skin there is so thin and ouch the pain!!I know it's gonna hurt but anyone have a tattoo here and it not be as painful as expected??But it’s definitely in your best interest to make sure you’re well-rested and hydrated before heading off to your tattoo appointment. Here’s some solid general advice whether you’re preparing to sit for your first tattoo or your thirtieth.We’ve included a few charts of the human body that can be seen as guidelines as to the level of pain you’re likely to experience while getting various areas of your anatomy tattooed. Our best advice is to try your best to be somewhat Zen about the pain.” You have two options in this case, act tough and say, “Nah, I didn’t feel a thing,” or be honest and reply, “I got stabbed thousands of times, right in my stupid, tender flesh, of course it hurt!” Today, we’re taking a brief look at the pain associated with getting a tattoo.

Tattoo Dating is a service tailored to the desires and lifestyle of those who love body art.

Well I keep telling myself if I can have my brows tattooed (had this done about 3 months ago) I can surely go through this as that really did almost reduce me to tears.

I have a tattoo on my boob, one on each shoulder blade (years ago these were) and on my wedding finger. Proud mummy of 5 girls Hi love, I have tattoos on both wrists (my kids names) and they didn't hurt much at all tbh!

Lol x Proud mummy of 5 girls Hi, I have my daughters name tattooed on my wrist and I barely felt it, was really surprised as I expected it to be painful, especially being my first tattoo.

But 20 mins later, all done and was fine I won't say there is no pain, because there is but it is honestly not all that painful at all.

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Like a scratch, I've got one on my foot and that hurt I'll admit but the wrist is fine don't worry ☺️ xxx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I am completely lame when it comes to pain, but got my first daughter's name on my wrist. I've got both wrists tattoos and unlike PP's I found it really painful but that's just me, different people find different levels of pain, my shoulder tattoo felt like I was being drawn on with biro pen, not painful in the slightest, my back tattoo is quite big and the outline hurt but the shading didn't, they're usually worth the pain though I have my dd's name on my wrist and it didn't really hurt at all, and was over in 5 minutes.

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