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See it just goes to show you that more difficult does not always mean better!My goal is to provide you with simple, easy, and family friendly options. Ice wrote "Ice Ice Baby" at the age of 16, basing its lyrics on a weekend he had with friend and disc jockey D-Shay in South Florida.After breaking his ankle during a race, Ice was not interested in racing professionally for some time, using his spare time to perfect his dance moves and creating his own while his ankle was healing.

Why is it you just can’t replace that “history” in a friend. The horrible awkward days as a pre-teen, the days of a teen which were still horribly awkward, finding ourselves in college, moving home when we found out that’s where our heart really were, getting married etc. We used to tease my hubs that he really was dating Lucy just as much as me when we were dating because she pretty much came everywhere we went!Shortly afterward, Van Winkle started battle rapping at parties and because of his rhymes, his friends started calling him "MC Vanilla." However, when he became a member of a breakdance troupe, Van Winkle's stage name was "Vanilla Ice" combining his nickname "Vanilla" with one of his breakdance moves; "The Ice". Turner High School for a short time before dropping out.When Ice's stepfather was offered a better job in Carrollton, Texas, he moved back to Texas with his mother. When Ice was not learning to ride motorbikes, he was dancing as a street performer with his breakdancing group, now called The Vanilla Ice Posse.Following the success of "Ice Ice Baby", record producer Suge Knight and two bodyguards arrived at The Palm in West Hollywood, where Ice was eating.After shoving Ice's bodyguards aside, Knight and his own bodyguards sat down in front of Ice, staring at him before finally asking "How you doin'?

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